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Jack Taylor

I bought a domain name a while back and still haven’t built a website yet. Really enjoyed reading your article on building a profitable domain.

I have no idea what I’m doing so I could use all the help I can get. Before I go over to your Wealthy Affiliate Review. I wanted to ask you if I could use the domain I already own?



Antonis Christonasis

As a member at Wealthy Affiliate for almost two years now, I can testify that it is a platform that actually teaches a genuine way to make money online. It offers tools and training that make it really easy to start out. With all the scams that exist in the online world, Wealthy Affiliate really is a breath of freash air. It is certailnly the best choice, especially for someone starting out.

Eric Chen

Hello DeliriousDee,

Thanks for sharing this information with us. I was thinking of ways to start making money at home. I had no idea how to do it until now. Your content is clear and informative. I have already shared your page with a couple of my friends who are eager to quit their day job and try to pursue an online business career.

Thank you,


Working at my own pace is the most important factor to get started with online marketing. But, I have to learn some new things before start earning money.

Wealthy Affiliate sounds a great training website and I would like to learn some SEO and website building skills. Thanks for sharing, I will try it.


I’ve only been a member of WA for around a month but I already speak very highly of it. It’s got an excellent community, training and website hosting all for a really affordable price. Pretty crazy really!

How’re you personally getting on with the training and the progress you’ve made? 🙂 Thanks for this encouraging article!


Hello Darcy,
I find it very attractive that people interested in your blog, register from the beginning for free. This way the people can learn to start the course. They will see what the site is about and you will be their reference. Surely people will be hooked with you and wealthy affiliate, incredible magnetism. Regards!

This s really cool. It always been a dream of mine to quit my 9 to 5 job and start making a full time living being an online marketer. Being my own boss and working on my time. But as always that is easier said than done. The thing is, their are so many scams online. They promise you this and that, and when you buy the product, it’s complete crap. The worst part is that you can’t even get your money back. I have heard only good things about Wealthy Affiliate so i am definitely going to check it… Read more »
This is a really great post on how you can build a profitable website online. I love that all the beginner training is free and once you feel it is worth your time, you can opt in for more advanced training. I think that helps people explore their options before they take the leap and invest a lot of time, and potentially money too. I agree with you that the possibilities are endless. It’s even good for people that just want to see if they can start a blog or website as a hobby. It’s often those hobbies that can… Read more »
Matt's Mom
You know, I tried Wealthy Affiliate about 5 or 6 years ago. Well, I can’t say “tried”. I signed up for the free membership, and then really didn’t do anything with it. At the time I was really looking hard for a way to make money from home, and I had been scammed quite a few times. So in the back of my mind, I just kind of lumped Wealthy Affiliate with the other scams. Fast forward to now and they are still around with great reviews. I have been doing more research, and have decided that I am definitely… Read more »
Marques Pizarro

amazing information about W.A. You cover a lot about not only what it is about, but why this works and how it can be fun! It was daunting to start the program, but it is worth it! They guide you through almost everything and the community is wonderful! It’s great to see you encourage entrepreneurship and to live on your terms. Great information!