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Simon Crowe in Asia
Just wanted to say thank you so much for this great article on Wealthy Affiliate. I just heard about Wealthy Affiliate after doing a little research because a close friend of mine is trying to get me signed up with an MLM company but I’m veru hesitant because I’m not good at face-to-face sales and I don’t like the idea of harassing my family and friends. Then I found someone who was recommending Wealthy Affiliate as a better alternative to MLMs because your business is all done online and you can learn how to get people to come to you.… Read more »

Hi, Dee.

The Wealthy Affiliate Program was good and it contains extraordinary features. I never expect that I can create a website with some guidances.

I have seen many scams affiliate program. I think this affiliate program was trustful because of your review.
Thanks for explaining about wealthy affiliate.

As I am a student, I won’t get much time to work. Can I do it as a part time, working 2 to 4 hours a day?
Will this be an efficient one?


Wow, that’s a very well written article about whether or not Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate or a scam. The way you explained everything that they are offer, but more importantly what they are not, is just spot on. Just like you said, it takes time to build up a legitimate online business, but Wealthy Affiliate teaches you exactly how to do that and I like that their training is always updated. What has been your favorite thing about Wealthy Affiliate?


Thanks for covering this awesome site. I too have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for over a year now, and I must say that there’s NOTHING that even comes close to what it offers. You have covered everything there is to know, so well done. I like that you can contact the owners and get a response in a reasonable amount of time, while you can’t even contact the admins in other training courses. Thanks again, and good luck

Hi Darcy, your comparison to what it costs for a tertiary education makes a lot of sense. Several years ago, I thought of doing my Masters (for the hope of a better paying job) but abandoned the idea after realizing how expensive it was. Then I started to venture into the online world and found that there a many ways to make more money without breaking the bank. The Wealthy Affiliate program has come up before in my research but I’ve never really given it a serious thought. This review has given me some inside features that I didn’t know… Read more »
I thoroughly enjoyed your discussion on why Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate online business option! Like many who are ignorant of what affiliate marketing is, I too, was a bit skeptical after my boyfriend told me he was getting into Wealthy Affiliate. After learning more about what it was, I became immediately enthralled and my creative mind started to dance! That was 2 months ago, and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m in debt to a higher level education in the science field that hasn’t yielded financial stability yet. With WA, I feel like the work I’m putting… Read more »

Awesome. This is awesome. I love this. I feel like there are so many different companies online that are promising riches. I even heard some guy that sounded like an over-caffeinated car salesman. He was promising everything in the world. He even showed his cash accounts he has to try and show you what can happen for you. Wealthy Affiliate seems pretty legit though. I like how they tell you that only you can succeed. Great review.


Thank you for this amazing article on Wealthy Affiliate. You do an excellent job of telling the truth about Wealthy Affiliate. A lot of people think that WA and MLM are in the same field and they are not.

I do have a question though, “Are you going to keep this review updated as time goes on?”

I think it would be very nice to see the updates over time, and I am glad I read your review.

Very informative, visual and honest. Excellent review of the best program out there today.


Too many people jump to conclusion about Wealthy Affiliate and just assume that it’s a scam. I hate seeing WA get lumped into the same box as these, “Get rich quick,” schemes you see all over the web. I think the problem with a lot of people is that they want instant gratification and get upset when they don’t get rich over night. They just need to understand that affiliate marketing takes time and effort!

Hi Dee! I couldn’t have said this better. I would just joins this amazing community which is Wealthy Affiliate if I wasn’t already a proud premium member. I can vouch every word you say about WA. Best online marketing university on the Internet. So many resources and useful information at that price! That’s why I joined right away when I realized what was in there for me. I hope people realize they can achieve their financial freedom and join it! Cool thorough review! 😉 By the way, $500 for an Art History book!??!?!? Wow! I hope it included a real-size… Read more »
Thanks for putting this information out there! It’s hard to believe that there is a business like wealthy affiliate out there so I can totally understand why people would be skeptical. It’s not a scam! It’s truly a database for learning about online business and marketing. And they present it to you in classes, much like taking an online college coarse, that make it super easy to get into. The best part about wealthy affiliate to me is the community. It’s vast and standing entirely behind you while you grow. It’s full of people from all around the world so… Read more »

Hi! I was looking for an online business opportunity for quite some time, but was always confronted with scams! I am so glad that I later found Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the best decision I ever made signing up with them. I can truly vouch for everything you say about them. They are absolutely, 100% legit!


Hi Dee,

Great review and really thorough – most of the things I have read about wealthy affiliate don’t go into anywhere as much detail. It really shows the value when you compare what you get by way of support and education versus a more traditional school approach.

Are there any viable competitors out there or do you think these guys offer a unique service?



Unfortunately, I’ve fallen for many scams during my time on the web in the earlier days, but Wealthy Affiliate has been my savior. 🙂 WA has been the best legitimate platform I have ever used because it really does cram everything into one community that enables anyone to build a successful affiliate marketing business. For those who are prepared to put the work into building websites, follow the training, take advantage of the features and support, then an online income can be possible. Your review definitely confirms that Wealthy Affiliate is LEGIT and I recommend the program to any newbie… Read more »
John Rico

Hello there! I’m a college student and I’m looking for a way to earn extra money online. I heard great things about wealthy affiliate but I don’t know how it works. I read your article and I found it very informative and helpful. But I still have a question, is wealthy affiliate gonna guide me step by step to earn money online? I really appreciate your response.

Eric Chen

Hello DeliriousDee,

Your website is very descriptive and helpful for those who are just starting out in the online business world! There lots of people capitalizing on folks who are eager to make money online and fast. I am glad WA is not one of those.

What I really like is no promises made! You decide how much you want to make.

Kind Regards,

Steve & Kris
I am proud to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I started about 1 year ago. I had no experience in building a website or running a business. There a so many people within the WA community that can help you along the way. There is a chat system to get immediate answers, you can also post questions for the community to answer. The owners are truly accessible and want everyone to succeed. Now, I will tell you that it is a lot of work. You have to be willing to put in the time necessary to build a website… Read more »

Hey Dee! Another really great article from you 🙂 Love how you go into detail about all of the pros and cons of WA. I do agree that it is a fantastic site overall and I’m making a lot of progress with them.

I have been doing some comparisons to another similar site called Affilorama. They’re a little more expensive but their training is also meant to be excellent. I was wondering if you know about them and if you have any opinions of them?

Josh x

Josh Ellery

Completely agree with you. As a personal user of wealthy affiliate I am here to tell you it is a legit business but you have to invest your time and passion into it. There are no get rich quick schemes over here unlike most scammy websites who only want your money.

The thing I love about wealthy affiliate the most is the business support. If you have questions about literally anything, you can put it into the live chat and it gives you answers.

About one year ago I was trying to decide exactly this: was Wealthy Affiliate legit or a scam? I had decided that it would be best for my family if I stayed at home taking close care of our kids, and so I was looking for a home-based business opportunity. That’s when I heard of WA and some other companies. I did an extensive research on all of them (I wish I had read your article then!), and finally got to the conclusion that not only WA is legit, but it’s also the top one. After becoming a member I… Read more »

What I love about wealthy affiliate is that from the get o they will let you know about the truth about this type business not short cuts hard work and in time the rewards will come, what I also love is the community, the tools and the awesome training. Wealthy affiliate is a legit business that have and is helping so much people to have online success.

jessie palaypay

I actually have seen people confuse MLM and affiliate marketing. I have been in both to know the difference and I feel less sleazy doing affiliate marketing. I think a lot of people have that confusion because of the companies presenting their programs as affiliate programs and not as sales distributor programs as well.

Its funny that a lot of people aren’t aware that affiliate marketing is how their favorite youtubers or social media influencers (especially in fitness) make money with their online presence.

Delirious; I just want to say thanks for your advance and detailed review on Wealthy Affiliate. I confessed. I could not do it better. All of the helpful information that you have given in this review is needful for growth. There could not be a better recommendation on Wealthy Affiliate than this one. Tell me do you have a video recorder in your brain that helped you to retained all this helpful truth about Wealthy Affiliate? Hoping to meet you in person. DorcasW

I must admit that I’ve learned a lot from reading this review. My major concern was learning how to build a website. You’ve provided some insight on how to do that with relative ease. I do wonder however how helpful the members are within the community when it comes to those just starting out. Just want to make sure I’m getting the support needed to succeed. Thanks.


Hello Darcy,

I’m definitely interested in this program. However, my concern is the membership payment.

I saw the Free Membership and the Premium membership. My question is which one do you recommend. Do you recommend I try it first or I pay right way.

I will be happy to hear from you. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Gomer Magtibay
I admire your being unbiased with your review of Wealthy Affiliate here. A lot of people are doing reviews about this company, and yet, you can see them highly biased favoring the company in their articles. Yours, sounds better. I even chuckled when you laid out the cons of the company, like having no support phone line. Seeing your dedication to this company, I am thinking of joining this company via your link. If I join today, what is that crucial thing you can advice me to make sure I succeed in this business instead of failing. I appreciate your… Read more »